matchVote builds software that works to increase government transparency, citizen engagement, and freedom of public information. We enable voters to more efficiently understand and follow the political positions and news for their elected officials and the issues that are important to them. Our structural AI makes new connections and interactions between citizens, government and the news media.

Company Values

1) Citizenry & Community
-We value citizens and their rights to voice opinions and vote in a free and democratic republic. We know that if we lose sight of our users, we'll undermine our profitability. So, we make every effort to put people first. Ultimately, citizens decide how our society and our community should be built.
2) Democracy & Diversity
-"E pluribus unum" or "Out of many, one" is our driving ethos, and we believe in the power of group intelligence. We also believe that it is most powerful when many viewpoints are considered. Our platform will be available to everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, color, age, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, affiliation or creed.
3) Authenticity & Civility
-Our members, our volunteers, our employees, and our public representatives are all human beings. We are emotional, and we make mistakes. We have differing opinions and strongly held beliefs that at times will be in conflict. We want everyone to be true to themselves and never feel that their voice is less important, even if lower in volume. We appreciate authenticity as long as it respects the views of others and upholds our basic community standards.
4) Privacy & Anonymity
-Our members are only required to share the information they are comfortable sharing, including their real name and contact details. When we use their demographic data abroad, it will never contain any personally identifiable information.
5) Transparency & Honesty
-We make information open and accessible to the public. This starts with the information we have on government and our elected officials but also extends to our own corporate information. We aim to publicly disclose our intellectual property and financials whenever possible. When transparency isn’t possible, we default to being forthright and honest.
6) Neutrality & Contextuality
-As a company, we do not pledge allegiance to any party, candidate, or elected official. While individual employees will have varying opinions on how government should work, as a whole we remain absolutely neutral. We will not attempt to sway our members’ views by any means other than providing accurate, unbiased, and contextual information.
7) Creativity & Flexibility
-Existing problems are only solved with new thinking. We value the creative spark and the ability to adapt to changing variables and environments. There is no such thing as perfection, only the continued ambition to move towards the next ideal. Therefore, so long as a change to our platform works with our values, we reserve the right to make it.

Our Team

Brad HankinsFounder / Product Director
Brad Hankins is a designer, developer and social entrepreneur. He is a 2005 graduate of Appalachian State University where he studied Evolutionary Psychology, Genetics and Business. In 2007, he founded a web development and marketing firm that developed campaigns for several US Congressional candidates. An Eagle Scout, he co-founded and was the National Campaign Director with Scouts for Equality which successfully lobbied the Boy Scouts of America to end their discriminatory membership policies by collecting over 2M petition signatures. Brad's focus with matchVote is to build a new model for politics that will create a paradigm shift in the way citizens engage government.
Barrett HelmsTechnology Director
Barrett Helms is a software developer, systems designer, and data scientist. Having studied Computer Science and Communication at Appalachian State University, he is dedicated to the advancement of the Internet as a tool to help bring society closer together to solve real world problems. Barrett believes that matchVote can enable citizens to understand what's happening in government through the lens of data. His previous experience includes implementing business and marketing solutions for companies in the agriculture, pharmaceutical, and construction industries.
Nicholas AlexanderPolicy Director
Nicholas Alexander is a nonprofit and public sector consultant with a focus on community and economic development strategies for underserved communities. He has worked as a researcher for labor and real estate markets, and helped design and administer statewide and local programs to improve the health and economic mobility of low-income workers and children. He is passionate about local government and believes it can provide leadership on solving our nation’s most complex problems. He received his BA from Duke University and his MPP from the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley.